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The problem of controlling appliance has been recognized by many of worlds leading news and media sources. On occasion, they even choose to right about our work. This is a collection of a articles that motivate or mention our research.

Research articles by others using the PUC system

  1. Istvan Barakonyi, Thomas Psik, Dieter Schmalstieg. "Agents That Talk And Hit Back: Animated Agents in Augmented Reality," in Proceedings of the Third IEEE and ACM International Symposium on Mixed and Augmented Reality (ISMAR). Nov 2-5, 2004. Washington D.C. pp. 141-150 (pdf)

Articles about this research by others

  1. Kim Peterson. "Inventions' wonderful world on display at Microsoft fair," Seattle Times. Wednesday, July 30, 2003. pp. E-1 and E-3. html local pdf
  2. Microsoft PressPass Press Release, "It's Academic: Microsoft Research Collaboration Projects Fuel Technology Innovation at Universities". Redmond, Wash., July 28, 2003. html
  3. Michael Yeomans, "CMU Scientists Improving Computers' People Skills," Pittsburgh Tribune-Review, Tuesday, October 22, 2002. pages B7, B10. html local pdf
  4. WPXI, Channel 11 news at 11:00pm on October 15, 2002. (Includes a brief shot of Jeff and a PUC interface). mpg
  5. Mike Crissey, "Designers Work on All-in-One Remote," Associated Press, August 27, 2002. html local pdf

Articles motivating this research

  1. Laura Sydell, "Changes at the Consumer Electronics Show", National Public Radio(NPR): Morning Edition, January 10, 2007. Summary Radio recording

    Laura Sydell interviewed Josh Bernoff, an analyst at Forrester Research, about the plethora of new electronic and information gadgets. She elicited the opinion that installing technology in the home doesn't go as smoothly as we're led to expect, and so when you see a new device you have to ask whether it's going to be worth the effort.

    Skip to minute 3:00 for the lead-in, and 3:18 for the quote -- "Any of us who have tried to installed technology in home know that things don't always go the way you expect them to go, and so when you see a new device like this, you just have to ask, 'Is it so exciting that people are willing get past these little difficulties along the way?'"

    This is an example supporting the point that end users need much more help with designing their overall information solutions - with selecting, combining, configuring, and maintaining things - than with writing little discrete pieces of code.

  2. Nick Wingfield, "Must Consumer Electronics Be So Complicated?", November 27, 2006. html local pdf
  3. Gregory M. Lamb, "A fast rate of return", May 15, 2006. html local pdf
  4. Dave Barry, "Dave Barry Desk Calendar 2006", April 12, 2006. local png
  5. Associated Press, "Time change is money for Indiana teen", CNN.com, April 1, 2006. html local pdf
  6. Sean Captain, "Network Babel in the Living Room", Wired News, January 12, 2006. html local pdf
  7. Steven Levingston, "Vying for Remote Control: Companies Scramble for a Niche as Computer and Televisions Merge", Washington Post, December 1, 2005. html local pdf
  8. Bill Amend, FoxTrot, May 1, 2005. local gif
  9. Michael Totty, "Who's Going to Win The Living-Room Wars?", Wall Street Journal Online, April 25, 2005. local pdf
  10. Warren Webb, "Smart phones: the next embedded interface", January 6, 2005. html local pdf
  11. Michelle Delio, "Race for the Ultimate Car Hacks", Technology Review, December 16, 2004. html local pdf
  12. Michael Erard, "The Geek Guide to Kosher Machines", WIRED 12.11, November 2004 local pdf
  13. Economist, "Make it simple", October 28, 2004. local pdf
  14. Stephen H. Wildstrom, "Lessons From A Dizzying Decade in Tech", Business Week, June 14, 2004. html pdf
  15. Jakob Nielsen, "Remote Control Anarchy", Alertbox, June 7, 2004. html
  16. Michelle Delio, "Technology Resets the Clock", WIRED News, April 3, 2004 local pdf
  17. Jakob Nielsen, "Why Consumer Products Have Inferior User Experience", Alertbox, March 15, 2004 html
  18. Scott Adams. Dilbert, February 18, 2004. local gif
  19. Associated Press. "Newest electronics short on simplicity", January 30, 2004. local pdf
  20. Lee Gomes. "Appliances Have Become Like PCs: Too Complex for Their Own Good", The Wall Street Journal Online, May 12, 2003. local pdf
  21. Wiley. Non-sequitur comic. November 26, 2002. local jpg
  22. Jan Eliot. Stone Soup comic. June 23, 2002. local gif
  23. Dave Barry. "Dave Barry Calendar 2002", February 19, 2002. local jpg
  24. Hilton Hotels, Advertisement. Assorted Magazines, 2002-2003 local jpg
  25. Unknown author. "Flying with a Palm pilot" local jpg
  26. Business Week, "I can't work this ?#!!@ thing!", Cover Story, April 29, 1991. local gif
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