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The goal of the Pebbles applications is to investigate uses for one or more PDAs when connected to a PC. As part of this research, we have developed a number of applications that we are distributing for free for general use. We hope that the community will provide us with feedback and support on how well these work and how to make them better. (See the detailed conditions under which this software is being released.)

The documentation discusses how to download the software, how to connect the PC and the PDA, and how the main PC-side application (called PebblesPC) works. There is also a Trouble Shooting Guide and FAQ. Other pages discuss the individual applications that we have created. Some of these are available for Palm and WindowsCE (PocketPC) and others only for one or the other.

List of Available Software

We used to have a number of other applications, but we decided not to update them. You might be still able to use the old versions (Pebbles version 5).

  • SlideShow Commander [Palm or PocketPC]

    This allows PDAs to be used to control Microsoft's PowerPoint. The presenter can move forward and backwards through the show. The picture and notes of the current slide are displayed on the PDA, or a list of slides can be presented. You can scribble on top of the thumbnail picture and the scribbles will appear on the PC screen. You can preview future and past slides, and easily switch to and from demonstrations. This program has been licensed to Installigent, so is no longer available for free.

  • Remote Commander [Palm or WindowsCE]

    This allows one or more PDAs to be used as if they were the PC's cursor and keyboard. The Windows CE version combines Remote Commander, Scribble and MultiCursor into one application.

  • Scribble [Palm or WindowsCE]

    Multiple people have independent cursors on the PC screen and can use their PDAs to point and scribble on PC. The cursors are independent from the real PC cursor.

  • Shortcutter [Palm or WindowsCE]

    Create custom panels for speedup of common tasks on the PC.

Pebbles Software Sites List

This software has been downloaded about 50,000 times since its initial release on 2/17/98, although we have stopped keeping track. We have nearly 5000 registered users (as of 3/4/02).

Listed in:

We have found other sites that have PDA software, which we do not think currently have the Pebbles software on them. Some of these may have gone away already: www.pdassi.com (formerly "Palmtastic"; only in German); home.palmpilotarchives.com; www.palmos.palmsite.com; www.visorcentral.com; www.piensaenpalm.com (only in Spanish); 4-PocketPC.com; etc. Let us know if we should be listed on these or other sites!

Old Version

The V5.0 (previous version) of the Pebbles applications is still available. V5.0 included a number of now-discontinued applications.

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