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Downloading Pebbles Software

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This software has been downloaded 22681 times since Jan 04, 2005.

Supported Versions

Palm: This software only works with version 3.5 and greater of the PalmOS operating system. (It might work with older versions, but we didn't test it.)

PocketPC: The supported Windows CE and PocketPC versions include:

  • Pocket PC 3.0 and up for ARM (used by devices such as the HP iPaq)
  • Pocket PC 3.0 for MIPS (used by devices such as the Compaq Aero, Casio EM-500)
  • Pocket PC 3.0 for SH3 (used by devices such as the HP Jornada 548)
  • HPC-3.0 for ARM (used by devices such as HP Jornada 720)

Other hardware may work also. Try the installers; maybe it will work. We are pretty sure it does not work with Windows CE 2.11 and earlier -- Microsoft no longer distributes compilers which can compile for those versions L.

PC: The PC side works on Windows 95, Windows 98, Windows ME, Windows NT 4.0, Windows 2000 or Windows XP. Unfortunately, we do not have any plans to support Macintoshes or Linux at this time.

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