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SlideShow Commander

Updated for Version 6.0

SlideShow Commander allows a Microsoft PowerPoint presentation to be managed from a PDA, freeing the presenters to convey their message from anywhere in the room. More than just a remote mouse, the software application enables the presenter to navigate to any slide, see their notes and slides on the handheld computer, write on the slide by writing on the handheld screen, and use a built in timer to track and record the length of the presentation -- all from the palm of their hand. Slide Show Commander also allows other attendees who using PebblesPC to annotate on the current slide.

You can use SlideShow Commander to:

  • View: See a thumbnail picture of the current slide, the notes for the current slide, and the list of titles.
  • Navigate: Use the physical or on-screen controls to move forward and backward slides, or tap on a slide title to jump to that slide.
  • Annotate: Scribble on top of the thumbnail picture and the same drawing appears on the PowerPoint slide.
  • Time: The Palm version provides a nice timer to keep track of your talk.

There are both Palm and Windows CE / Pocket PC versions of SlideShow Commander. Neither is available for free and are not included in the pebbles.zip. Both the Palm and PocketPC versions have been licensed for sale by Installigent (formerly Synergy Solutions, Inc).

SlideShow Commander is also for sale from Handango.com for Palm and PocketPC.

Selected academic researchers, and also employees of the US government and Microsoft can get the research version of SlideShow Commander. Contact us for more information.

Screen shots of the Palm and PocketPC versions are available.


Announcing Commercial release of Slide Show Commander for Pocket PC and Palm from Installigent!

Slideshow Commander Logo     Commercial Box for Slideshow Commander

Also available for sale from Handango.com for Palm and PocketPC.