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SlideShow Commander Palm User Guide

by Rob Miller, Brad Myers
Updated for Version 5.0

SlideShow Commander allows the PDA user to control a PowerPoint presentation. It also allows other attendees who using PebblesPC to annotate on the current slide.

Buy the PalmOS version of SlideShow Commander from Installigent (formerly Synergy Solutions) or from Handango.

There are four panels for SlideShow Commander for Palm:

Scribble Panel

When a presentation is playing (when the "Slide Show" is being viewed), then this shows a thumbnail of the current slide and allows all Pebbles users to annotate the slide. There is only one cursor, so users must take turns, but Pebbles automatically changes the color so each user has a different color by default. As long as users take turns nicely, their annotations will be in different colors.

Scribble panel in color Scribble panel in black and white

Notes Panel

Displays the notes associated with the current slide.

Notes panel

Titles Panel

Displays the list of slide titles, so the presenter can easily switch to a different slide.

Titles panel

Timer Panel

Displays a full-featured timer for use in timing a presentation.

Timer "time of day" panel Timer countdown panel