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Downloading Instructions

This software only works with version 2 and greater of the PalmPilot operating system. For example, it works with PalmPilot Personal, Professional, PalmIII, Palm IIIx, IIIc, and Palm V. It does not work with a PalmPilot 5000.

The PC side works on Windows 95, Windows 98, or Windows NT 4.0 or Windows 2000.

Unfortunately, we haven't made an Installer yet, so you will have to do it yourself. There is a ZIP file, which contains all of the PDA side programs and the PC side programs.

The Palm and WindowsCE/PocketPC and the PC-side files are all together in one big zip file. See the list of which applications work on which platform. Below are installation instructions for each platform.

(Note: The Palm version of SlideShow Commander has been licensed to Synergy Solutions, so only the WindowsCE version is included in the file above. If you want to use SlideShow for Palm, please buy it from Synergy. There is also a  free, time-limited, demo version of SlideShow for Palm available from Synergy.)

Unpack the file with WinZip or similar program, and then install whatever *.prc files you want to use into the Palm or Windows CE programs to your Windows CE device. All of the PC side files must be in the same directory. (Some of the specific applications, such as Remote Clipboard, have additional installation instructions.) contains a number of system dll files that you may or may not need. It also contains all of the Pebbles plugin dll files, the Pebbles prc files (for Palms), the .EXE files for Windows CE / Pocket PC (in various directories depending on the version of the hardware), and the main Pebbles application for the PC: PebblesPC.exe.

If you are using Windows CE / Pocket PC, please see the Instructions for Windows CE.

Additional software is available for download in separate ZIP files:

See the specific conditions under which this software is being released.

Installation Instructions

Installing on the PC

The PC side works on Windows 95, Windows 98, or Windows NT 4.0 or Windows 2000. After you unzip the files, the PC side main program is PebblesPC.exe, and it uses a set of .dlls which are included in the .zip file. These must all be in the same directory. See the documentation on PebblesPC for how to use it.

Installing on a Palm

The Pebbles files for Palm work with version 2.0 Palms or later. For example, it works with PalmPilot Personal, Professional, PalmIII, Palm IIIx, IIIc, Palm V, Palm Vx, etc. It does not work with a PalmPilot 5000. 

In the sub-folder "Palm" is a set of .prc files, one each for each of the Pebbles applications. The same .prc files work for any version of Palm device. You need to install whichever of these .prc files you want to use into your Palm, using the regular Palm Install Tool. One convenient way to install all the files is to start the Palm Install Tool, then open the Pebbles "Palm" folder, use the Select All menu item, and then drag all the files to the Install Tool window. This will then install all the files when you next HotSync.

For more information on each application, see the specific documentation for that application.

Installing on a Windows CE or Pocket PC Device

Unfortunately, installing Pebbles applications onto a Windows CE or Pocket PC device is more complicated. The first complication is that you need a different version of the binary file for different kinds of devices, so you have to figure out which kind of device you have. Second, the installation process itself takes several steps. 

To install a Pebbles application on your PDA:

  1. Find the version of Windows CE / Pocket PC and what kind of processor you have.
    1. Tap on the "Start" menu and then on "Settings" and then on either the "System" tab (on a Pocket PC) or the "System" menu item.
    2. On a Windows CE, you will see a "General" or "System" tab. On a PocketPC, click on "About".
    3. The first lines will say something like "Microsoft Windows CE Version xxx". Sometimes the "real" version number is on a line like "Core System Version xxx". Note the version number. We are currently supporting Version 2.11 and 3.0.*. Let us know if you need a different version. 
    4. Next, look down below and find the Processor line in this panel, or else maybe in a tab labeled "Device". We currently support processors types SH3, ARM and MIPS. Let us know if you need a different processor type.
  2. Now, find the the appropriate sub-directory under WindowsCE based on your processor type and OS version number. Here is a map of the directories:
       HPC-2.11\ -- horizontal devices (with physical keyboard)
          SH3\ -- v2.11. for devices such as: HP Jornada 680
          MIPS\ -- v2.11. for devices such as: Vadem CLIO
       PPC-2.11\ -- palm-size devices
          SH3\ -- v2.11. for devices such as: HP Jornada 430
          MIPS\ -- v2.11. for devices such as: ???
       PocketPC-3.00\ -- newer palm-size devices
          ARM\ -- v3.0. for devices such as: Compaq iPaq 3650
          SH3\ -- v3.0. for devices such as: HP Jornada 548
          MIPS\ -- v3.0. for: Compaq Aero 1500, Casio EM-500
    There is also a table of Windows CE devices we specifically have tested.
  3. Connect your device using Windows CE Services or Microsoft ActiveSync.
  4. Transfer the files to the PDA. Copy the executable (*.exe files) and the associated other files to the PDA from the directory for your device. You can put the files anywhere in the PDA's file system, however the .htm help file(s) must be located in the /Windows directory in order for online help to work properly.
  5. Create a shortcut from the Start Menu. It might be convenient to create a shortcut from executable file on the device and place it in the /Windows/Start Menu directory on the PDA so it is easy to invoke the program(s) you installed.


This software has been downloaded about 20,000 times since its initial release on 2/17/98 (through August, 2000).

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