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Remote Commander

From the Pittsburgh Pebbles PDA Project     

by Herb Stiel, Brad Myers, Ben Bostwick, Rob Miller, Carl Evankovich


The Remote Commander allows PDAs to be used as if they were the PC's cursor and keyboard. Like all Pebbles applications, the Remote Commander has two parts: one which runs on the handheld, and transmits to the PC the movements and taps of the stylus and characters entered into the PDA. The other program is a "plugin" and runs with PebblesPC on the PC and inserts these as mouse and keyboard events into the event stream. This allows the PDA to mimic everything that can be performed with a mouse or keyboard.

Some examples of uses for this include:

  • To allow multiple people to take turns controlling the mouse and keyboard, for example in a meeting situation.
  • To use the PDA stylus as a pen input device for the PC, for example in situations when freehand drawing or writing is desired. This might be useful for architects and other designers who find a mouse awkward for input.
  • To serve as a front-end to PCs for people with muscular disabilities. We have added special features to RemoteCommander for Palm to make it more suitable for use in this way. See also the Pebbles Assistive Technology page.

There are both Palm and Windows CE / Pocket PC versions of Remote Commander. The Windows CE / Pocket PC version also includes the functionality of MultiCursor and Scribble. See the specific documentation for the version you need:

Palm version

Windows CE version

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