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Updated for Version 5.0

Note: This page is for downloading Pebbles V5, which is fine, but you might also like to know that there is a newer version, Version 6, which you can download instead, by clicking here.

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Downloading Instructions

Unfortunately, we haven't made an Installer yet for the full set of Pebbles programs, so you will have to do it yourself. There is a ZIP file, which contains all of the PDA side programs and the PC side programs.

The Palm and WindowsCE/PocketPC and the PC-side files are all together in one big zip file. Below are installation instructions for each platform.

(Or else you can go to a different page for the newer V6.)

Unpack the file with WinZip or similar program. See Installation instructions below for the next steps.

(Note: Slide Show Commander has been licensed to Synergy Solutions, so is no longer  included in the file above. If you want to use SlideShow Commander , please buy it from Synergy. Versions for Palm and PocketPC are available. There is also a  free, time-limited, demo version of SlideShow Commander  available from Synergy.)

Additional software is available for download in separate ZIP files:

Supported Versions

Palm: This software only works with version 2 and greater of the PalmOS operating system. For example, it works with Palm Pilot Personal, Professional, PalmIII, Palm IIIx, IIIc, Palm V, Palm m series (m100, m500, m505, etc.). It also works with all the PalmOS devices that we have tested from other manufacturers (Handspring, Kyocera, etc.). It does not work with an old Pilot 1000 or Pilot 5000. 

PocketPC: The supported Windows CE and PocketPC versions include:

  • Pocket PC 3.0 for ARM (used by devices such as the Compaq iPaq)
  • Pocket PC 3.0 for MIPS (used by devices such as the Compaq Aero, Casio EM-500)
  • Pocket PC 3.0 for SH3 (used by devices such as the HP Jornada 548)
  • HPC-3.0 for ARM (used by devices such as HP Jornada 720)
  • HPC-2.11 for MIPS (used by devices such as Vadem Clio)
  • HPC-2.11 for SH3 (used by devices such as HP Jornada 680)
  • PPC-2.11 for MIPS (used by devices such as Cassiopeia E-100)
  • PPC-2.11 for SH3 (used by devices such as HP Jornada 420, HP Jornada 430)

Other hardware may work also. Try the installers; maybe it will work. 

PC: The PC side works on Windows 95, Windows 98, Windows ME, Windows NT 4.0, Windows 2000 or Windows XP.

Installation Instructions

Installing on the PC

See the list above the supported Windows OS versions. Unfortunately, we do not have any plans to support Macintoshes or Linux at this time.

Unpack the  file with WinZip or similar program. 

All of the PC side files must be in the same directory. (Some of the specific applications, such as Remote Clipboard, have additional installation instructions.)

For the PC, the file contains a number of system dll files that you may or may not need. It also contains all of the Pebbles plugin dll files, and the main Pebbles application for the PC: PebblesPC.exe. All these must be in the same directory.

See the documentation on PebblesPC for how to use it.

Installing on a Palm

See the list above the supported PalmOS versions.

In the sub-folder "Palm" which will be created when you unzip is a set of .prc files, one each for each of the Pebbles applications. The same .prc files work for any version of Palm device. You need to install whichever of these .prc files you want to use into your Palm, using the regular Palm Install Tool. One convenient way to install all the files is to start the Palm Install Tool, then open the Pebbles "Palm" folder, use the Select All menu item, and then drag all the files to the Install Tool window. This will then install all the files when you next HotSync.

See about connecting your Palm to PebblesPC. Unfortunately, if you have a new USB cradle, we do not support that at this time. See the USB discussion.

For more information on each application, see the specific documentation for that application.

Installing on a Windows CE or Pocket PC Device

See the list above the supported Windows CE / Pocket PC versions.

With version 5.0, we created installers for our Windows CE, PocketPC applications. In the WinCE sub-folder of the Pebbles folder you will find various .exe files that will install the appropriate programs onto your handheld. For example:

  • WinCERemoteCommanderInstaller.exe - run this to install Remote Commander onto your PocketPC / Windows CE device.
  • WinCESwitcherInstaller.exe - run this to install Switcher.
  • WinCEShortcutterInstaller.exe - run this to install Shortcutter.

Then run ActiveSync and it should ask you if you want to install the software. If it doesn't, then maybe we haven't compiled a version for your particular device yet. Let us know what hardware you have.

See about connecting your PocketPC/Windows CE device to PebblesPC. In particular, see the section on ActiveSync.


This software has been downloaded about 30,000 times since its initial release on 2/17/98, although we have stopped keeping track. We have nearly 5000 registered users (as of 3/4/02).

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We have found other sites that have PDA software, which we do not think currently have the Pebbles software on them. Some of these may have gone away already:, (only in German);;;; (only in Spanish); etc. Let us know if we should be listed on these or other sites!

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