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Pebbles Assistive Research

We are interested in further studying how these hand-held computers can help people with disabilities.

We are offering free Palm devices to a limited number of people in the Pittsburgh area who have disabilities and might find the existing applications useful. (Even if you are not selected for the study, you might find the software to be useful. See http://www.pdacontrols.com/ for pictures and instructions on how it can be downloaded for free.)

We are also interested in forming collaborations with other researchers interested in this topic, and in other uses of a hand-held device to aid people with disabilities. If this software may benefit you or someone you know, please contact Brad A. Myers.


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A new assistive text entry method for handheld devices designed to provide high accuracy and stability of motion for people with motor impairments. It is also more accurate than Graffiti for people without motor impairments.

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Remote Commander

A word prediction version of this software is available for download.

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