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Pebbles Research

Current Focus

The current focuses of the Pebbles project include the use of handhelds for people with disabilities, including the new EdgeWrite input technique, and the use of handhelds as "personal universal controllers" for appliances.

Past Work

We developed a number of handheld applications that are mostly available for download. We aren't developing these much anymore, but occasionally we update them for new versions of of the operating systems. If you want new features for this software, consider giving us a grant to support it!

The Command Post of the Future (CPoF) project has also ended. We have not worked on using handhelds in the classroom for awhile either.

Future Work

We plan to continue to work on Pebbles project. Let us know what would be useful. If you have ideas or requests, please email them to us at bam at cs.cmu.edu.

Please also consider supporting the Pebbles project by providing a research grant. This will help us continue this research.

The companies that are "affiliates" of the Pebbles projects will be given advance notice of future directions, and will be asked for advice on future directions. They will also have access to source code. We would also be interested in gifts of equipment.

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