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Downloading and Running Remote Commander

For Palm

The Remote Commander is downloaded with the rest of the Pebbles applications in one big zip file. See the main downloading instructions.

The Remote Commander program, remotecmd.prc, should be installed into the Palm using the conventional mechanism. Then, the Remote Commander application can be run on the Palm by clicking on its icon.

For PocketPC/WindowsCE

First, download the full Pebbles zip file and unzip it. See the download instructions.

Remote Commander consists of two components:

  • WinCERemoteCommanderInstaller.exe: a program that installs the RemoteCommander for running on the PocketPC/Windows CE device. This makes the program appear in ActiveSync so you can easily install it into your handheld.
  • PebblesPC.exe: a program (with associated DLLs) that runs on your desktop computer.

See the main Windows CE installation instructions for how to get RemoteCommander onto your PDA.