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Downloading and Installing

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The Shortcutter is downloaded with the rest of the Pebbles applications in one big zip file. See the main downloading instructions.

Install shortcutter.prc on your Pilot.

You can also install the optional example panels we created (see Panels section) such as ShortCutter_Number_Pad.PDB, ShortCutter_Scrollers.PDB, etc.


Shortcutter for PocketPC is available for devices running PocketPC version 3.0 or later, such as the Compaq iPaq or the HP Jornada 548. Unfortunately, HPC devices and older versions of Windows CE are not currently supported.

First, download the full Pebbles V3 zip file and unzip it. See the download instructions.

Shortcutter consists of two components, which you will find in the Pebbles\WinCE folder:

  • WinCEShortcutterInstaller.exe: a program that installs the Shortcutter for running on the PocketPC device. This makes the program appear in ActiveSync so you can easily install it into your handheld.
  • PebblesPC.exe: a program (with associated DLLs) that runs on your desktop computer.

See the main Windows CE installation instructions for how to get Shortcutter onto your PDA.

Sample Panels

We are distributing a sample set of panels for Shortcutter for PocketPC. It is also in the Pebbles\WinCE folder and is called ShortCutterData.shc. Shortcutter looks for this file in the "My Documents" directory of the PocketPC device. You can get the sample ShortCutterData.shc onto the PocketPC in two ways:

  • If you set up a "partnership" using ActiveSync, and specify to synchronize files, then it will create a directory on the PC that matches the "My Documents" folder on the PocketPC. If you open My Documents on the PC, it should contain a folder named something like "PocketPC My Documents" which contains the files from the handheld. Now you can copy the file ShortCutterData.shc from the Pebbles directory to this "PocketPC My Documents" and then Sync, and the file will appear on the handheld.
  • Connect the PocketPC to the PC using ActiveSync, hit the ActiveSync toolbar button for Explore (which will show the PocketPC's file system). Then copy the file from Pebbles\WinCE into the My Documents folder on the PocketPC.


  • Copying a ShortCutterData.shc onto the handheld will remove any panels that are already there. There is currently no way to merge different panel sets; sorry.
  • Be sure that Shortcutter is NOT RUNNING on the Pocket PC. The best way to insure this is to use the menu command "Save and Exit" in Shortcutter.